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The exchange of information plays a fundamental role in biology. Communication between biological systems is one of the keys in evolution, cell, tissue and species differentiation, the corner stone of life's emergence. Thus, from species diversification to tissue differentiation and coordination, exchange of molecular signals is of paramount importance, the harmonious function of the organism is based on this "molecular conversation".

The BioTransfer Research Foundation is a non-profit organization wishing to promote research in this area, and contribute to the understanding of the underlying fundamental mechanisms.

One area of particular interest is immunology. Indeed, manipulation of the immune system is a powerful tool in preventing and fighting disease. However, if the role of vaccinations in preventing infections has been known for over a century, the AIDS epidemic and the ensuing research made it clear that the immune system's functions are not fully understood. Hence, the difficulties in producing for instance an AIDS vaccine, or to avoid the undesirable side effects caused by certain vaccines. It was thus felt that the immediate task should focus on the study of cell mediated immunity and molecules capable to modify its activity.

For many years, some of these molecules have been partially identified, and their effects described in the scientific literature1 under the term of "Transfer Factor". However, for reasons highlighted elsewhere2, 6, 9, their therapeutic potential has been overlooked. In the following pages, an extensive list of references1, scientific articles and abstracts3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 11, 12, 13, 14 as well as commentaries2, 5, 9, 10 pertaining to the subject are presented. It is hoped that the Foundation's effort will generate new interest for this compound, and will prompt further research. Indeed, new infectious agents such as HIV, SARS or Ebola viruses have taken the scientists by surprise in recent years. And in a world where bioterrorism is lurking, it is important to study molecules that have the potential of becoming powerful tools for the treatment and also the prevention of old and new infections.

Numerous reports in the scientific literature have established that Transfer factor has the capability of stimulating the immune mechanisms in order to fight infectious diseases, but also of alerting the immune defenses prior to contamination in order to prevent infection. It thus seems that the study and complete comprehension of the mode of action of transfer factor, and the investigation of its biochemical structure will provide a better understanding of the immune function and new ways for dealing with exogenous pathogens and endogenous immunological disorders.

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